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Monday, June 27, 2016

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04/06/16 10:59

Today opens the Ligno Novum Fair Budapest

Ligno Novum is organized as a part of the mega exposition CONSTRUMA - the greatest assortment of...

04/01/16 12:32

Ligno Novum Woodtech 2016

Ligno Novum Woodtech 2016 Budapest

We are waiting you for a meeting during the Ligno Novum Woodtech exhibiton - Budapest, Hungary

11/02/15 16:31

New films about Palax firewood processors

Palax Power 100S, Power 90 and 90sG, Power 70 and 70S

10/29/15 14:02

Pellets from straw

Production process of straw pellets

07.04.2014 14:30 Age: 2 Years

EXPOWOOD 2014 - Brasov


We kindly invite you to the international trade fair Expowood 2014. The fair will be held between the 28th and 31st of May at Roman Exhibition Centre, Brasov, Romania.


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