Equipment for phytosanitary treatment

of wooden packaging materials, pallets, containers, etc. according to FAO ISPM15

  • Structure and construction like drying kilns

  • Efficiency, economy and reliability

  • Control, archive and print of ISPM15 reports

  • Frontal loading with forklift

Structure and construction of the kilns

Heat treatment equipment has the same structure and construction as the lumber drying kilns. You can find details there... 

Drying of wood and treatment of wooden packaging materials

Most of timber drying chambers are built to fulfill the ISPM15 heat treatment mission because of the high demand for dry and phytosanitary treated EUR or NON-EUR pallets, wooden packaging materials.  Using dTOUCH controllers the HT process controller can be easily done, if it is completed with the optional ISPM15 module. The certification phase for ISPM15 can be performed before or after drying or even without drying, depending on the needs of the user. 

Control system for ISPM15 certificate

dTouch + HT module


This controls system + HT module is able to:

- control the automate HT certification process

- generate the HT report

- offer every single advantage of an efficient, high tech control system.

Remote control form smartphone or PC is an easy task, if you use our dView software. 

dTouch control system is an modular, extensible equipment. HT module can be add to the base configuration anytime you need it.  

For heat treatment you need energy!

SmartHT - simple but efficient


If your chambers are used exclusively for heat treatment cycles you need a simple control system, specially designed to perform this single task. With the help of SmartHT software your computer will be ready: 

- to monitor the values read by the probes from the interior of the chamber

- to control an automate certificate process, no need of supervising 

- to generate the report of HT cycle.



Biomass boilers

We offers automate industrial boilers, large variety types and capacities.    

According to the heat agent we produce:  

- biomass boiler that generate water up to temperature 110oC
- biomass boiler that generate water up to temperature 140oC.

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