Traditional kiln dryers

dominate from decades and they surely remain the undisputed leader of the market

  • Conventional lumber dryers

  • Fast, efficient, exceptional quality

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Drying of European and exotic wood species

  • Low operating costs

  • Timber loaded frontally by forklift

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Chambers form stainless steel and aluminium

  • Drying kilns with track loading

  • Capacity between 10 - 300 m3/kiln

We meet your needs with the high quality of drying, low cost of drying due to energetic efficiency of cycles. 

Our environmentally friendly drying kilns in combination with the high tech control system deliver maximum performance of drying. 

Standard capacities between 10 -170 m3.

Do you have a special request? We are always open to offer tailor-made solutions for special drying purpose, dimension, available space, etc.


Structure of the lumber drying kilns

Highly insulated stainless steel and aluminium construction

Stainless steel screws and bolts

Construction designed to withstand a sow load of 2,4 kN/m2 (240kg/m2) and winds 140km/h.

Walls and roof


Walls and roof have multilayer construction: aluminium sheet (alloy 3019/H14 and 5052/H32) in interior, inner insulation in rock wool, exterior aluminium sheets (alloy 3019/H14 and 5052/H32). 
Walls are assembled and siliconized together at the installation site.  

Doors of the lumber dryers

Kenobi uses swinging doors or lifting-sliding doors. 

Doors have the same structure and insulations like walls. The door can slide laterally or it can have a curved track (to save up the space).

Each kiln has as standard one service door, produced from the same materials as the walls. It can be installed laterally or at the back wall of the lumber drying chamber. 


The ventilation system of the lumber drying kiln is designed individually. Each kiln has axial fans with tropicalized motors (Siemens), special designed rotors form aluminium.  

Reversible ventilation guarantees a uniform and fast drying. 


Heat exchangers

The evaporation of the water content of lumber is assured by the heat exchangers. Heat exchangers can be powered by hot water, supraheated water or steam. 

Heat exchanger are built up form stainless steel tubes covered by extrudated aluminium fins. The perfect contact between the fins and tubes assure a high efficiency heat transfer. 

3-way valves are standard components of our systems.  

Air dumpers

Our air dumpers are powered by Belimo servo actuators.

Number and dimension of the air dumpers are settled according to the capacity and dimension of the kiln.  

For special applications, like drying of white beech without colour change, we use air dumpers with reversible, axial fans.  

Control cabinet

It assures the control, command and protection of each element that builds the lumber drying kiln. 

In most of the cases we install frequency inverters to control of the speed of fans. Speed setting is made depending on the specific drying parameters.  This guarantees economical drying cycles, so the costs of the drying process will be lower.  

Control of the drying process

dTouch is the most complete and configurable control system form the market. It is the ideal choice for people who don't want compromises.  

dTOUCH represents a step forward in control systems for drying ovens, as it consists in the union between an advanced and flexible traditional control system with the knowledge of experts at international level in the field of wood drying.

the dTOUCH system includes a vast library of basic programs for over 400 wood species, also including special cycles to maintain or alter the natural colouring of the wood, for rapid processes, etc. .

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Industrial biomass boilers

We offers automate industrial boilers, large variety types and capacities.    

According to the heat agent we produce:  

- biomass boiler that generate water up to temperature 110oC
- biomass boiler that generate water up to temperature 140oC.

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Tailor-made solutions

Heat recovery systems -  Recotherm system is a smart solution if you want to make economy recovering the used but still warm evacuated air.  

Noise reducers  - optional system for reduction of noise, It could be very useful if your plant is located into an agglomerated area.

Drying of different materials - carton core dryers, pasta dryers, etc. 

We offer individual solutions for each customer, according their free space, material handling possibility, other special requests.

Wireless technology  - no more cables - data collecting and data transmission without cables 

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Spare partsfor lumber drying kilns, heat treatment chambers