Wood steaming chambers

Steaming of wood is used to change the colour of wood, to reduce the internal stress form the wood and for destruction of existing biological agents. The working agent is wet saturated steam at 90-1000C temperature and at atmospheric pressure of 0.005 to 0.01 bar.



Structure of wood steaming chambers

Wood steaming chambers has the same structure as the lumber drying kilns.

You can read details about the structure, walls, insulation, roof, etc there

Technology that we offer

Indirect steaming with steam generator

The steam is produced inside the chamber. The heat exchanger is placed into the water tank, located inside the steaming chamber. The heat exchanger uses as agent hot gases coming from a wood waste burner. Extra steam goes out form the kiln through air dumpers. 

Direct steaming

The steam is vaporized directly into the steaming chamber through a duct system. The steam produced by the power generator outside is introduced by a perforated stainless steel pipe, through which it can dissolve within the chamber. 

Once condensed, the water is drained off through special ducts, placed inside the steaming chamber.

Each steaming chamber is specially-made.

Control system

This control system is developed for the management of the lumber steaming chambers based on a touch screen user's interface. It allows to define steaming cycles composed by up to 30 phases. For each phase it is possible to define the temperature, the temperature variation slope, the duration (from the beginning of the phase or from the reaching of the temperature) and to specify the fans speed, the alarms management mode and so on.

Technical specification:

  • Temperature regulation range: 0-1300C
  • Up to 30 phases for each program 
  • 20 programs memory
  • Energy saving function
  • PC connecting interface for remote control / management
  • Colour graphic display, touch screen
  • Power supply: 24 Vac/dc - 20 W