dTouch control system

dTOUCH represents a step forward in control systems for lumber drying kilns, as it consists in the union between an advanced and flexible traditional control system with the knowledge of experts at international level in the field of wood drying.


Some of characteristics of dTouch control system:

- individual controller for each drying chamber 
- sensors for temperature, humidity, wood moisture in a high number 
- EMC sensors with cellulose plates or digital EMC sensors
- sensors for measuring the heat agent's temperature at the inlet and at the outlet points 
- touch screen interface, LCD, colour
- stocked and saved drying programs that can be anytime reloaded 
- possibility of creation individual drying programs 
- setting of the speed of ventilators 
- possibility to fix for the system a max. electrical energy consumption or max. thermal need 
- control of air with the help of anemometer
- remote control with the help of software dView 
- ISPM15 heat treatment - you can upgrade your system anytime when you need it
- control system's menu in many languages.

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