Tailor-made solutions

We offer individual solutions for each customer, according their free space, material handling possibility, other special requests.



Heat recovery systems -  Recotherm system is a smart solution if you want to make economy recovering the used but still warm evacuated air.  

Noise reducers  - optional system for reduction of noise, It could be very useful if your plant is located into an agglomerated area.


Drying of different materials - carton core dryers, pasta dryers, etc. 


Wireless technology  - no more cables - data collecting and data transmission without cables. 


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We offers components for lumber dryers, wood steaming chambers: industrial heat exchangers, axial reversible fans, spraying systems, air dumpers, controllers for automate drying process, heat treatment modules, doors for lumber dryers or steaming chambers, servo-actuators, 3-way valves, etc. 

We can supply spare parts, like cellulose plates, banana plugs, probe cables, electrodes for moisture measurement, spraying nozzles, etc.

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Spare partsfor lumber drying kilns, ISPM15 heat treatment kilns